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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Dave Barker View Post
The CCC has been actively discussing potential rule changes for next year's OTA. Here is what we are suggesting so far.

1) Propose to allow Toyo 888 , 888R and RA-1 tires as zero PIP tires

Let the discussion begin.
I don't agree with revising the tire regulations to allow a brand a competitive advantage. If you want to lower the bar, I recommend lowering it for everyone. As previously posted, I propose the following change:

1 Installation of DOT Street legal tires with a tread wear rating (UTQG) of 100 or higher. 0 PIPs

.2 Installation of “non-Premium” R compound tires, defined as DOT legal competition tires with a UTQG tread wear rating of less than 100 and that have a molded tread pattern with non-circumferential siping. 5PIPs

.3 Installation of “Premium” race compound tires, defined as tires that only have circumferential molded grooves but also includes Continental Canadian Touring Car Championship (CCTC), Hoosier Grand Am Cup, foreign market Yokohama A048R and all full wet weather race tires. 10 PIPs

.4 Installation of Race Slicks 15 PIPs
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