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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Dave Barker View Post
The CCC has been actively discussing potential rule changes for next year's OTA. Here is what we are suggesting so far.

6) Revise the penalty section of the rule book to charge a minimum of 10 PI for every undeclared modification PIP up to expulsion from the event at the choice of the stewards.

Let the discussion begin.
Does anyone really know if anyone has undeclared mods?

I have always been a proponent of rules enforcement. The listing of possible penalties sends a clear message to those who might circumvent rules that they will be penalized, and this in itself can be a deterrent. Take a look at the speeding over 50 k signs on the highway for reference.

In addition, I think the series needs to have random spot checks of a complete class or classes at events. Much like the Ride Program.
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