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Re: Escort GT Ride Along @ SMP 2017 #6

Well... i've never really had "in class" instruction with the exception of SPDA's "autocross" school ...

All my lapping and "school" experience is with AWD vehicles ... Foresters , Outbacks.

I've had plenty of people tell me i should turbo the car and such jump into the faster classes but as the car sits ... that move would just make the car dangerous . I've had a 280-300 hp escort before ... they are extremely fast ... in a straight line ... just don't turn ... not somehing i want as a novice .

Being new to the sport i want to take advantage of any seat time i can get ( afford ) build my skill and confidence up and sort the car out handling wise before i start thinking about moving up the class tree .

I'll see what i can do to get my hands on some 888's , some other folks have mentioned maybe a stagered tire set up by going a little wider in the front to help the car rotate a little more in the rear .. the other thing that is hurting me is my suspension set up . since when i aquired the car it already had lowering springs on it but doesn't work very well for the track and makes the car feel mushy and the car is very easy to upset and extremely challenging to keep ballanced ( imo ) finding better springs or a set of coil overs that i can retro fit is proving to be a challenge .

the other challenge is keeping my self planted in the 90's plushy seat as i am more exhausted from trying to keep my self from flying all over the place than i am from actually driving . I have a set of recaro's from an Evo 10 i might use with a 4 point belt set .

I appreciate the input thus far , more are welcome to comment if they wish .

I'm open to ride alongs .. just grab a helmet and jump in . if i'm doing something that needs improvement just speak up.
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