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Talking Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
What comes out in the wash ? At the protest at SMP this year nothing was posted on the official notice board, nothing was posted in the results, everything was kept very hush, hush. Transparency itself goes a long way to creating a deterrent.
From the footnotes of the event 6 results, "Steward’s decision: Car # 982 received a four (4) second time penalty for a car classification infraction."

We can discuss at the competitor meeting if mentioning the decision and penalty without details is the best way to handle protests and penalties. Protests have been so rare in our series that I can't claim experience in the best way to document or publish them. Race publishes Stewards' report summaries of decisions, but not all the nitty gritty details. I included the result of the decision in the official results and why it was applied.

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