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Re: importing- here we go again

>>last time I only paid the one tax here in Ontario also, GST.<<

If the vehicle is going to be licensed then yes you only pay GST because the Ontario Government expects to get the PST portion when you register/license the vehicle for the road.

>>You will only pay GST.<<

If the vehicle will be registered/licensed for the road eventually then yes you only pay GST at the border. However, if it is a race car or other type of off road vehicle that will never be licensed then the border people are supposed to collect both GST and PST when you bring the vehicle across.

Of course sometimes the border people give you a break on the PST, sometimes they may be new employees and don't fully understand how the PST collection works, but the rule is both GST and PST are to be paid if the vehicle will never be registered/licensed.

>>You only pay PST if you register it<<

That is correct because you should have been charged GST at the border already when you brought it back.

One loophole is that if you are from Ontario but bring a vehicle back to Canada across a Quebec border then you don't have to pay the PST under any circumstance at the border, Quebec border people don't collect taxes on behalf of Ontario so you get off Scott free.

The Quebec information above was as of 3 years ago, I do not believe it has changed at this point but beware.

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