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Re: Build Plans for 2018

Always fun to plan for the next season! Let's see here:

- improve existing front end aero by relocating oil coolers and covering up openings in the bumper.
- move from a 1000lbs/in spring to a ~1200lbs/in spring in the back. The 1er really loved to understeer and it drove me nuts.
- properly secure a boost coupler that liked to pop off on every OTA weekend. Taking apart the front end trackside is never fun.
- stuff more tire under all 4 corners

May move up to SGT1 as well with some extra aero PIPs and a dyno tune to ~350whp.

Grant, I don't think we've formally met but your name is familiar. I too used to race RC (1/10 Nitro @ PLRC/Fastcats and 1/12 electric @ TORC/Fastcats) with yourself, Corey and Steve. Small world . 1:1 is alot more fun tho I do miss RC. Maybe when my son is of age and if he shows interest, I'll come back (as his pit crew. ha!)
2008 BMW 135 - SGT1
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