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Re: Build Plans for 2018

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
Just curious what everyone has planned this winter season?

I have a front splitter and APR GT250 wing to install

New Stoptech BBK 328mm rotors & G-Loc pads

Heavier springs installed already and track tested at GB in the fall
(results 1.3 seconds per lap faster)

9" front wheels ready for install, 255Fr 215R tires
(I won't give a way the tire compound yet)

Racepak Data Acquisition (help me figure out where Corey is faster)

Dyno Tune from Sasha

Maybe some more weight reduction see how the Pip schedule looks

The car is hibernating in the garage at the moment!

Good luck figuring out how Corey is faster. I have tried using my data logger and the answer is he is faster everywhere and always. He has the touch, no question.

Re: 2018 plans:
Replace broken driver seat
remove rear wing - need some straight line speed.
maybe stiffer shocks.
repair leaky shock
new set of tires as with every year.
Plan to stay in GT2
Gary Wood:
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