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Re: Build Plans for 2018

Originally Posted by Yellow Viggen View Post
New, wider tires RS4 225 vs RE71 205 on lighter 15" rims. New rotors Stoptech with new Hawk pads DTC 60 vs G-loc H10. Lots of gym and X-country skiing to survive till Spring.
Hope to improve by >1sec in GT4, Ha!!
Any previous experience on tire choice? RS4 vs RE71?
Pads DTC vs G-loc?

Orange Integra #283
I would like to change a few things under the hood but have already used up a good chunk of my budget for 2018. Hopefully, the registration fees will not increase too much.
I've heard mixed reviews on the DTC pads. Some people like them, some people hate them. G-Loc pads are effectively the Carbotech compound and I found them long lasting and somewhat less aggressive on rotors BUT the caveat is that their cold bite is not good and they are considerably hard to modulate.

I currently run Project Mu Club Racer RC09 compound and love them. Your car would also do well with them.

As for RS4s vs RE71Rs, Tire Rack recently did a review and found that in the dry, the RS4s are damn near comparable to the 71Rs in terms of overall cornering grip. On the downside, they are not as good in the wet. However, the RS4s will outlast the RE71Rs any day of the week. I personally used a fresh set of RS4s at the beginning of the 2017 season and still have about 35% left after doing a full OTA season plus 10 other track days.

Bang for buck, RS4s are fantastic and for your car, it will do well. Bear in mind, if the day is already hot and your driving induces very high peak temperatures, the RE71Rs will die off quickly that day (and overall). RS4s will take much more heat and I haven't had them die on me ... yet.
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