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Re: Autoslalom workshop

Originally Posted by buurin View Post

Ubiquiti UniFi AP Long Range!

Power and data feeds over the same ethernet cable meaning we could in theory position it closer to the paddock even when timing tent isn't anywhere close. * This I hope should improve the range of live results. I'll run this for a while at home to see what kind of range I can get. Because it's missing its mounting ring, suggestions on how to mount this thing 8 feet in the air are welcome.

We want to get official results out as soon as possible after the last run. Goal is 30 minutes after, but chances are you'll be on you way home then. This is currently not happening because Travis needs to do a ton of "post-processing" before results can be made official.

* Although it'll feel more at home high up on the underside of timing tent IMO.
I have one of these at home, and on my main floor mounted at the ceiling, I can see the AP from the park (about 140 yards away). And this is through a brick wall. These things are pretty amazing.

I wouldn't worry about the ring too much. I'd suggest just mounting it with a few of those 3M velcro heavy duty strips ( which work really well (I use them for tons of stuff around the house). The AP itself is very light, so it should be fine.

Let me know if you need any technical help. I can't necessarily come to tons of events, but I can do a lot of remote work if you have infrastructure needs, or just need to ask a tech guy some questions

Depending on how long of a run you need, you might need some sort of network switch in the middle to repeat the signal. Maximum length under cable specifications for category 5 is 100 metres.

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