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Re: Brake Pads

G-Loc R10 or R12 which is essentially the same as the Carbotech

I have run XP/R10 on the street, as well as XP/R12.. Given the weight of the BMW the R12 is probably your best bet, I went through two sets of 12's on factory Honda Rotors..

Depending on the amount of track time and street driving you will likely get the season out of them..

If bedded in properly there is very little noise from an R12, driving them on the street in colder temps will eventually remove the transfer layer, which is what causes the noise! Extreme cold temps they are a little dicey, so be careful to warm them up

Frank Ewald - Ewald Performance does a group order every year, do a google search or find him on FB he is excellent source for G-Loc pads.. The fastest Time Attack cars in Canada are running these pads.. James Houghton and Chris Boersma

Hope this helps!!

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