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Re: A possible way out of Axware? First thoughts on MJtiming

Originally Posted by Cliff96 View Post
Essentially we do the same thing, except with tomato instead of dd-wrt. We actually run/ran two sets of results; first using windows iis (with the axware html results) as the websever, and secondly (which I think is the only one we advertise now is the live results package from axtime (which parses the axware log file, and builds/serves/pushes the live results in it's own package). I haven't looked, but if the source is available for it, someone with some node.js skills should be able to adapt it to read the mj timing format.
I have successfully modified Live Results to read from mjtiming. Woot!

Took the results from regional event 3 (the one with lightning and incident) and crosschecked the converted timing data between mjtiming, LR and axware. For correctness the port also honors the last name and cones-get-paxed settings from mjtiming, but we'll always keep both enabled.

ps. Say hi to LEDE when that Unifi returns "gloriously" next year! Still looking for a way to hang it 8ft in the air away from the tent. Something like a collapsible lamppost or stand.

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