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Re: Autoslalom workshop

Originally Posted by buurin View Post
We're going to trial MJtiming at next year's autoslalom school, and OMSC's test & tune if they organize one again, along with some hardware recently recovered from under Travis' deck.

Preferably there'll be 3 people working around timing. One for data entry, one to man the radio, one goes around telling people if they're getting reruns and/or not to stick their arms out the window.

Attention all competitors! Know your class before you come. Anyone not declaring their class at registration get placed into A-mod.

We like the mock grid WOSCA uses in their events. It makes things move quicker. But to pull it off we need the space (mmm Picton) and have to do run groups.

Marshal changes at Picton needs to be streamlined further.
There were 10 of us in attendance. In lieu of official minutes, which I don't think were taken, I will briefly address the items discussed that Keith has listed above plus add to it.

1. We are going to make the jump to MJ Timing for next season. Big thanks to Keith for taking the lead on this one.

2. There is a need for more workers at timing. Travis and Cliff both have some excellent thoughts about how to handle things going forward.

3. The Region is going to be responsible for all of the Regional events in MSReg. That way the clubs don't have to worry about it and it means that all of the events are open at the beginning of the season. We will also attempt to ensure that competitors are properly classed before the event.

4. We're working on a way for series registered competitors to receive a discount on events. This will come at no cost to the hosting clubs.

5. We're aiming for 8 events again in 2018.

Anything not on this list still needs further discussion and information will be coming early in 2018.
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