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Re: new here, wondering what are the most popular classes in CASC-OR

Originally Posted by Jimmer View Post
F1600 is what I really wanted to do back when I was karting, so it's definitely at the top of my list. another class that interests me a lot, but isn't in ontario is spec miata like they run south of the border. it looks like they have huge car counts and close racing for a comparatively low cost. Has there ever been any discussion of a spec miata group in ontario?
LOL! I asked this exact question a few years ago and I was not met with a very positive response. They have Spec Miata out in Eastern and Western Canada. Yet in the most obvious place to have it in Canada, that being Ontario, we don't. I got told that I should get some friends together and build cars and run them in the appropriate GT Sprints category and if it caught on they would let us have our own group.
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