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Re: new here, wondering what are the most popular classes in CASC-OR

but isn't in ontario is spec miata like they run south of the border
I believe the series in Eastern Canada folded. My brother and I bought one of the front running spec miatas from Nova Scotia and we race it in GT sprints and GT challenge. In spec miata form it was not competitive in GT5 but we have modified it to be a front running GT5 car. It won the GT5 GT challenge championship and did well in a part season of GT sprints. The changes we made are easily reversible so that it could be converted back to spec miata legal form in a few hours.

The changes were some aero work and a twin disc clutch. Besides changing the diff fluid every weekend there is very little maintenance work required on these cars.

A simpler way to be GT5 competitive with a spec miata would be to buy a second generation NB miata with a 1.8 engine but they seem to be double the price of the earlier NA 1.6 models.
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