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Re: new here, wondering what are the most popular classes in CASC-OR

That absolutely makes sense. I could see how it would be very hard to get enough volunteers for that sort of work.

Originally Posted by DEK View Post
The main problem we have with "spec" anything in Ontario, is getting Volunteers to ensure the vehicles are really "spec". We currently having 2 classes(with sub-classes within)
F1200 and F1600.) As soon as you say "spec" you open the door to people that don't mind "cheating" in an innovative fashion. For example, I'l "bet" a considerably under-weight forged crankshaft does make a difference in a Kent powered F1600. Is it worth the expense
to win with an illegal engine ? I gues it depends if you want to sleep at night.
If I was paid for my tech inspection time I wouldn't mind the extra hours, but as a "volunteer" I'm at my limits.

(whine off) LOL
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