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Re: new here, wondering what are the most popular classes in CASC-OR

Hi all, I race down east, and was part of the original Spec Miata series we had down here. It's still alive, but on life support. Which is a shame, the cars make fantastic entry-level race cars (reliable, cheap on consumables, faster than they have any right to be).

I put our problems down to the clash of some some overly competitive competitors (there was an invite to a 'Mazda Shootout' for big bucks up for grabs) and well-meaning volunteer officials more accustomed to a 'race for fun' atmosphere. That didn't work out very well, but it had nothing to do with the cars. Take the money tension out of the picture, and I think we'd have been just fine as a 'fun' racing class.

Incidentally, I still race my car in SM-legal form in one of our GT bracket classes. And we did OK this year, just because of the reliability of the platform. But If you folks could get a SM series going in Ontario, I'd tow up for a race or two for sure. I'd love to see it, good luck!

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