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Re: Brake Pads

Originally Posted by nissannx View Post
I run either R12 or R16 front and R8 rear. That staggered setup works well for me. My car is light compared to some. Grant's also. Spinner's situation has a staggered driver setup, so that's also important to consider. Of course, you have to look at the car too. A heavy Nissan GTR I'd likely put a square setup. Likewise for some Corvettes. Light cars, beyond R8 I probably wouldn't sell you a square setup.
Always happy to chat brakes. And I've got a sale starting in January - and we're very close to January ...

And both James and Chris are running R16 front and R8 rear. They each are running over 600 whp too. So don't just jump out and buy R16s.
Not questioning your advice Frank

I have no idea what setup or car or tire he was running other than his first post so I automatically default to your knowledge since you likely did way more homework with him than I did. Just interesting to see how it differed from mine when I ran Carbotechs.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

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