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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Slowpoke View Post
The asymmetric non-directional tread pattern is odd to get used to, being able to rotate LF to RR without dismounting is also a help for Ontario's all Clockwise road courses.
Vacation time and reading about the Toyo R888R and R888.

Does anyone know/care to speculate about the theory behind the asymmetrical non-directional R888R tread pattern? Other than the advantages of being able to rotate the tires (and manufacturing simplicity for Toyo)?

I found this on the Lotus 7 forum. But it still does not explain the *why* of it.

'We would like to inform you that if the tread pattern seems to have a different orientation on either side of the car, this will not change anything with the overall performance of the tyre. There will be no problem if the grooves on one side of the car point upwards and on the other side downwards, after you fit these asymmetric tyres. The long, steep grooves on the outer shoulder of the tyres are designed to direct as much water as possible to the outside via the shortest way and therefore in shortest possible time. These tyres are designed in such a way that the water can be drained in the direction of the shoulder, to the outside, as well as in direction of the deep circumference grooves. The angle in which they run has no impact on the aquaplaning performance and the driving comfort of the tyre.

Just curious. Being able to rotate the tires left to right is good.

Picture of the tires also from the Lotus 7 forum.
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