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Re: Lexan Windows

Grant, the replacement of glass windows is permitted in the rules, section 1.4.5. There are no minimum thickness rules for the windows in the doors or the rear window. Most people use 1/8 inch (3 mm.) for this. However, if you change the windshield as per rules 1.4.6 & 7, there are several specific requirements for that, including a minimum thickness of 6mm.

I once replaced the windshield in an ice race car with Lexan. This did not work well, as I did not pay the really big bucks for the kind that won`t scratch. The result, once the wipers had been used, was a mass of tiny scratches. Horrible to drive into the sun. I won`t do that again. Treat your Lexan windows with care.

Finally, no doubt you are aware of the PIP`s for window modification as set out in C.13, but I thought I`d mention it. Although, now I think of it, you have a cage and probably will be using race weight. Regardless, best to read the rules yourself, as always.
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