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Hello all,

I thought I should introduce myself and talk a little bit about my car, my goals, and some questions I have about the rule book.

My name is Matt Wrightman, I'm 24 years old (25 on coincidentally this years open house day, April 7) and I've been addicted to motorsports since I was 6 or 7 years old. Also I live in Barrie which is of course not close to any of the event locations but that doesn't stop me from making the trip out to places. Every year I travel to Bancroft for the Tall Pines rally. (It was awesome to see you there Stephen!)

You may have met me at the competitors meeting back in November. I didn't talk much as I want to see how things worked. I have a Hyundai Tiburon 2.7L V6 that I got in 2013. In stock form it has 171hp and 180tq and weighs around 3030 pounds. The car started out as a daily driver and ultimately my first car. It progressed into a street car with simple modifications like intake, exhaust, headers, coilovers, clutch, flywheel, etc. This past year I finally knew the direction I wanted to go in with it. Knowing there was nothing more that could be done to increase power that wasn't super expensive (cams, forced induction, dyno tune), I looked into more suspension components, (bushings, larger control arms, etc.) tires, and weight reduction. Today my car is 100% stripped out inside (except the dash of course). I removed all the sound deadening material that manufactures glue the bare metal, even the passenger seat which is about 50 pounds on its own as well as the ac compressor, condenser, and associated lines. In total its lost about 250 just with the inside trim pieces, an over 400 pounds overall. Currently it sits in storage about 15km away from my house and I can't even work on it through the winter.

Heres what my plans are for the 2018 season. I have a bbk I'm installing with stainless lines, DOT 5.1 fluid, and race pads. The car will not be daily driven anymore for that reason. I also have a harness bar that I hope I can use with a race seat this season for the sole purpose of not moving around in the seat. The stock seats are leather and therefore do not hold me in place at all. I understand the rule of needing rollover protection to use a harness and while I plan to eventually get a full custom cage, my funds have prevented me from getting it.

I've classed my car out for pips and from what I can tell I believe I'll be in GT4 unless I've made a mistake somewhere. Looking at the other cars I could be against it seems like I could have some much faster competition to contend with. Thats ok though because while I would obviously like to finish on or near the podium, this being my first year in OTA, I'm really just trying to learn the way these events run and learn the capabilities of my car.

Some things I'm concerned about with my car are that my exhaust has zero catalytic converters. Stock it has three, one for each header and one downstream. This has not upset for cars ecu in any way as it runs perfect and still passes e-tests every 2 years. I heard this topic come up in the meeting and I believe it was settled that if theres no engine codes and the ecu is happy then theres nothing to worry about? I'm wondering if this still classes it as an unauthorized mod and I need to find a way to put a cat back in?

Thank you for making it this far into my introduction. I'm extremely excited for the season to begin. I've been watching as many youtube videos as I can find for OTA, going through the 2017 rule book, checking in on these forums to see if anything new has been posted and asking questions in the two main time attack groups on facebook. I would absolutely love to make a career out of this and participate in CSCS, travel internationally to events like Gridlife and Global Time Attack eventually in a few years.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to meeting you all!

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