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Re: Introduction

Hi Matt!

Great to see another driver join our fold! In reading your intro, I noticed a lack of any mention of attending any driving schools - have you taken any?

DISCLAIMER: I also teach with Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy and we also happen to run a course at TMP.

I highly suggest the OTA driver schools at Mosport DDT and GP. As someone who has kept their car 99% stock, I'm a huge proponent of driver mod above all else mods. It helps immensely when you keep your platform the same and realize what you are doing right and wrong to adjust and fine tune your senses.

I still plan on pretty much staying somewhat stock next year (only getting rid of my staggered wheel setup, adding catch cans to find out where my oil consumption is going to and oil pan baffles to prevent starvation).

OTA provides some of the best quality lapping times during the competition period and its best if you have an idea of what you do right and wrong to feel out and even experiment during the hot runs to line up a good run. It's what I do during this period and I usually nail in a good time towards the end of the day on the last lap or two. Previous instruction really helps as I always wind up subconsciously hearing all of my past instructors coaching in my head as I enter a turn.
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