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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
The Trofeos from Pirelli also were non-directional and in the wet they were terrible!
Lucky you, I ran them in the snow! . I didn't feel that it was related to tread pattern, but the Trofeo's Compound having low silica content and high temperature performance. Hard to get the compound "to switch on" as they say in F1.

Originally Posted by Jimmo-San
Iíll stay off the track in the rain with these. 😎
I've run the R888R in pretty heavy rain at the DDT and the performance was good for a medium track compound with a 6/32" tread depth. It's slightly more dry oriented than the R888 was. A softer compound will heat up faster and might work better in the wet, but the RA1 with it's 8/32" tread depth, well spaced sipes, and softer, rounder sidewall work very well with lighter and lower horsepower cars wet and dry.

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