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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

One of the big reasons for allowing Toyo tires when discussed at the Open House was the selection of tire sizes. When cross referencing the available sizes of the R888R from tire rack to the above document there are several sizes that's not available. I was wondering if they will become available or will they still be subjected to the 40% discount??

Some Sizes are:
And quite a couple of sizes missing in the 19"+ sizes

Also you will notice the pricing between the above document and the pricing of tire rack are outrageously different for example: 205/50/15 $325 CDN ($195 CDN after 40% discount) vs Tirerack's $145 USD (~ $189 CDN) or 255/40/17 $420 CDN (252 CDN after 40% discount) vs Tirerack's $186 USD (~$240CDN).

Which brings me to question the "40%" discount, there doesn't seem to be any benefit to the user of the tire as this seemingly amazing discount opportunity just simply brings the initially crazy price to just reasonable.

Any comments on the pricing pamphlet that we have been shown?
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