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2018 Regional Competitor Registration!

2018 Class D Autoslalom licenses are available now and are $35 up to and including the 2018 CASC Autoslalom Open House, which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 7th. After that the Class D Licenses will rise in price to $40 for the remainder of 2018. You can join a CASC club and/or purchase a license (for any discipline) through the following website.

There are links to two tutorial videos at the bottom of the page. It's important that if you've ever been a member of a CASC affiliated club, that you don't register as a new member since if you have ever been a CASC club member in the past you will be in the database.

If you are currently a CASC club member you may need to contact your club's membership official for your username although most user names are your firstname.lastname

If you have any issues at all, please let me know.

As in the past, regional registration is optional but required to accumulate championship points, trophies, series swag and to qualify for any championship programs.

New this year: Regionally Registered Class D License Holders will be entitled to $10 off per event for all 2018 regional events. The more regional events a competitor competes in, the more they will save. It is important to note that the $10 discount isn't stackable so if a series registered regional competitor is already a member of the host club, their club membership discount supersedes the Class D license.
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