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Re: 2018 OTA Event Schedule

Originally Posted by Cap'n Pete View Post
Hey gang!

So after a long ~5-year hiatus (having kids sounded like a fun idea at the time?! lol), I've finally gotten back into a track worthy car ..... I just recently picked up a 2011 Z06, and am itching to get back out for some fun at the track!

At this point, I don't know if I can commit to running the whole season like I used to, but would like to hit at least a couple events.

Just curious now, how many events out of the 6 are required to compete for the season? 4? 5? I know it used to be about ~7/10 events when we ran that many.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you guys again this summer .

Best 5 out of 6 - good to see alumni back in the game!
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