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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

No worries Jud,the pricing program has been exactly the same since its introduction further back then I can remember.
As such a call from me has little chance of changing that.

Finding the size I and 80% of track day miata prefer to use is as easy as ordering toyos from the states or even Talon tire in Quebec.However they won't have the spiffy little maple leaf stamp on the sidewall to be contingency compliant.

Most decent track tires/street tires come in 225-45's so finding an option is just as easy.

I'm not stressed or going to bitch to toyo,they know(or at least they SHOULD) the target buyer.

I'm not even 100% sure my plans are for next summer yet,have 6 weekends of ice racing to keep me busy for immediate future.
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