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Re: 2018 Regional Competitor Registration!

one of the biggest issues in the electronic signature or digital signature worlds is user authentication and session continuity

the rules for paper documents are grandfathered, you sign and mail, or sign and fax, and somehow that's okay.. but do a squigly on your phone and all of a sudden it's important to prove that a) you are you and b) that you are the one that signed the document

you can download Adobe Sign on to a mobile device and use it to sign any PDF that comes your way and email it right back.. free!

but in a court of law you can deny having ever signed anything, that it was someone that hacked your account or that it wasn't actually you that forwarded that document (it's nuts!) and the party that received your signed e-document may be out of luck if big pockets back the denier

if the insurance people are "thinking about it", that means they, like many "pseudo-legal" institutions are aware of the ramifications. Hopefully they won't be as stringent as some larger corporations that stand to lose a great deal and for whom client authentication is actually a big responsibility...

(work at a bank, have dealt with esignature developments)
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