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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by max attack View Post
Finding the size I and 80% of track day miata prefer to use is as easy as ordering toyos from the states or even Talon tire in Quebec.However they won't have the spiffy little maple leaf stamp on the sidewall to be contingency compliant.

Most decent track tires/street tires come in 225-45's so finding an option is just as easy.
Max Attack, this thread was created to see what people wanted for R-888-R sizes so I could advise what was needed for 2018 inventory. The comment about a lack of R-888-R in 225-45-15 was mentioned and requests for RA-1's in that size in lieu of 888 was relayed. It is the preferred sidewall for Miata use, as I understand. Thanks to the polite and positive communication of CASC-OR racers, the RA-1 was added to the street tire rule alongside the R-888-R

So although not exactly what you asked for, I am reiterating that RA-1 and RR are available in 225-45-15 through Canadian warehouses. If you wish to participate in the contingency program, I'm sure you'll see that no "stamp" was required in 2017. Any specified Toyo tire bought through a Canadian vendor was eligible. It should have your Team Toyo Racing # on the invoice.

The change to have the R-888-R, RA-1 and R1R as street tires means we'll likely have to reword the contingency program for 2018. Give me some time to do that, please.

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