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Re: Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Dave Barker View Post
At this stage, the intent is to relax the requirement that only cars that have roll over protection can use a head and neck restraint. We are still working out the final requirements and rule wording for mounting of the shoulder straps for a 6 point harness.
Hey Dave!

So you're saying that OTA may allow the use of a harness bar and subsequently, harnesses, to allow the use of a HANS? And you're saying up to a full 6-point harness? (not just a 4-point?)

Having just recently watched this video segment (from approx. ~35 minutes into this video: I'm more convinced of the benefits of a HANS (...that I gave much less consideration to before).

For someone who has ventured off-track a couple of times before (never "intentionally"!! ) I think that a HANS would be a wise investment into my own health/well-being!! That being said, I have NO intentions of putting a roll bar into my car anytime soon. It's primarily a street car, that may see occasional track use (like most track rats), therefore, a harness bar is much less intrusive, while allowing the use of a harness .
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