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Re: When you go too far

From more of a philosophical point of view, some things of note:
- A faster car doesn't necessarily equate to more enjoyment; it just sets the stage to want a faster (or higher classed) car the next year. Haha. A car that CAN go faster doesn't necessarily equate to a better driver...
- With a higher classed car comes the pucker factor. I only see pucker factor coming into play at GP w.r.t. the tracks OTA runs. Lap times are one thing but flying through 2/4 at GP (for example) may get you to the point of "do I really need to be going this fast"? No doubt with that taking over your head, you likely will not be competitive.
- Running costs increase the more you move up the classes. Wider tires, more frequent fluid changes (?) and the greater chance of repair costs etc.
- Lastly. Will there be sufficient competitors in the class you want to compete in? On this one, I thought I was doing well in SGT2 towards the end of the season only to realize I was the only one in my class!

That being said, I'll be moving up to SGT1 with more aero and more power as the deciding PIP factors. So take what I said with a box of salt.
2008 BMW 135 - SGT1
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