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Re: spec tires for GT sprints????

Totally agree Pat. It is ridiculous to drop this on the racers at such short notice.
It should have said for the 2019 season going forward even if I agreed with the announcement which I don't.
Why don't we have cost examples of some of the common sizes so that this ruling means something to us. Now you are saying we all have to buy from one guy! Make them cheap enough and maybe it has some merit, but please let us know for goodness sake. There is no sweetness in this (other than to Brad and or others perhaps), it appears to be 'my way or the highway'. There is no mention of contingency money or free tyres to the winners, what is our incentive?
Brad is busier than a one armed paper hanger now, how on earth is he going to inventory and serve every GT racer satisfactorily ???? He will have a logistic nightmare on his hands, and huge potential disappointment when he is too busy or hasn't got enough inventory to get the racer back on the track.
This smells of collusion and profiteering, it appears political with no regard to the racer, or simply, nobody has looked at or considered (by thinking outside the box) what the implications are, which is why most new business start ups don't survive within the first 5 years, this is no different.
I have been considering retiring or making a change from my motorsport hobby anyway, this nonsense is enough to speed up my decision.
The spirit of Club racing in the Sprints has always been 'run what you brung' and we have a Class for you.
This decision has not been marketed well, car counts are low now, I wouldn't blame any of the racers to stay away. HOW DOES THIS HELP??????
Say 80% of racers refuse to comply, potentially the slowest cars in each Class become Champions. You want our entry fees, but are creating a farce!
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