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Re: spec tires for GT sprints????

I was pretty upset when I read the email last night. Besides the cost of the tires and the fact that I already own the tires I plan to run for 2018, I have a few concerns:

I run RA1s now. When conditions are perfect I ran a 1:40.02 this past Indian Summer weekend driving the living snot out of the car. With the Pirelli slicks I will almost certainly be faster. So now I will have to either intentionally drive slower, find a different way to slow the car down or move up a class and be 4 seconds off the pace.

Another thing I like about RA1s is that they are versatile. For a 3 hour challenge race it may be dry, wet, intermediate or all 3 throughout the course of a 3 hour race. With the RA1s I can bolt them up and know they will work in basically any of the above conditions. With the Pirelli tires I will have full wet or full dry setups to choose from. If I start on full wets and the track dries up I will have to ruin the tires or stop to change. If I go out on Pirelli slicks I risk damaging the car or putting around slowly for 3 hours. No thanks. And I also have to have to buy racing radios to communicate with the crew and have a crew standing by in the pits ready to change the tires if the need arises.

This eliminates any hope of Chumpcar teams trying us out or joining us on a regular basis.

I would say I am operating at the margin and most of my GT5 colleagues are too. Any increase in cost and demand for a bigger crew to change tires during the race puts me out of the running. Maybe I would come out to 2 races instead of this year instead of 6.

GT sprints and GT challenge are supposed to have a minimum of rules to reduce barriers to entry. This spec tire rule is a huge barrier to entry. Part of it is about cost, part is about the other indirect demands it places on a race team. I have been very loyal to CASC and this will be my tenth year racing in the region. I have never considered looking for another place to race but this is a huge game changer. Even if the tires are $100.00 each this makes sprints and challenge very unappealing.
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