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Re: spec tires for GT sprints????

I rarely post here with comments critical of CASC, but I cannot be silent on this one.

This really should have been in the member survey, and also discussed at the fall workshops. What is the point of doing either of these things if major items like this are not discussed and input sought? I lead corporate marketing for a major corporation and I am involved in sponsorships. While the deal may not have been signed at that point the parameters would have almost certainly have been discussed. What a perfect time to get input Ė before a decision was made. Itís called being customer-centric.

Now I have $9k+ of tires that are of no value if I want to try and compete for the championship. That was enough rubber for me to run 4 weekends, and with some luck I may have been able to stretch my $25k season budget to even 5 weekends. But my tires are $3k a set (and I have no illusion the Pirelli T/A tire will be much less, but I will check) and so to buy 2 sets of drys and 1 set of rains Iíd be looking at $9k EXTRA dollars. So, that means I now can afford to run two weekends, maybe three. So, fewer weekends per total dollar spent and still no chance to run for a championship. Thatís not helpful. Had this been offered with a grandfathering for this year and time to transition, all of this could have easily been a non-issue.

When you want to encourage a change you need to show people that what they are changing toward is better than what they are leaving behind. Sorry, but I just donít see it.

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