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Re: When you go too far

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
Thanks for the input, have decided to forgo the Aero this year which will keep me 79.9 GT1
Figure out where you get your joy from, and go with that. Is it the raw speed? Is it the ragged edge in corners? Is it winning a class? Is it just improving your driving?

Fewer things break and wear out at lower HP and G-forces than at high HP and G's. I can assure you of that consequence. And as you know from Shannonville, going home when something that shouldn't break actually does, really sucks.

Big jumps in performance can be harder to adjust to. A mid-step at GT1 is a wise idea. It's a good strategy to get your mechanical changes sorted and optimised before you add aero balance issues. Some things affect you in unexpected ways. e.g.: Caging my car (and tying in the A pillars and front strut towers) tightened up the front end so much it caused massive understeer issues compared to the year before. We made aero changes at the same time, so it took extra time to figure out the root cause of the new problem.

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