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FS: Volkswagen Jetta Racecar


Car has been sent to the crusher.

Mk2 1986 Volkswagen Jetta CASC-OR racecar, turn key and go. Car is located in Ottawa.

- brand new fresh 1.8T engine by Ian Madden
- 6 speed gear box
- Eurodyne Maestro tuned ECU
- TorqByte CM5-LT water meth injection kit installed
- KW fully adjustable coilovers
- AIM Pista GPS Data acquisition dashboard
- 12 wheels, 8 are Enkei RPF1. Runs on 205/50/15 tires.
- some spares. Axles, brakes, bearings, steering parts, etc
- Fire extinguisher
- CASC-OR logbooks 98-033

Price: $8000

Contact Robert von Microys
M: (613) 761-0306
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