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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Data logging is great if you want to see what a car's acceleration is and is a very good alternative to dyno pulls and MEG calculation.

OTOH it is pretty useless at coming up with a car's overall PI. How many of you folks thing a Dodge hemi in a 4200 lb car is going to do well? How about compared to a similar wgt AMG Mercedes or S series Audi?

If the basic car classification was so simple, I'm quite sure there would be no mole whacking and the adjusting index (Handling Index) would seem more appropriate. (I would remind you that in many series including AutoX to CTCC to Grand Am, cars are arbitrarily assigned a class and yet some cars seem to shine more than others). Our aim is to take the shine off some of these winning cars and make other cars more competitive so that hopefully we don't have repeats of crazy dominating CAR performance (SN95 Mustang in T1comes to mind).

The point is, the deciding factor for mole whacking is results, not data logging. One driver in a car doing well, may well indicate a wonderful driver. Two drivers in the same car doing well makes the base car classification look much more potentially erroneous. In the case of Fox bodied Mustangs, in 2011, if Salmaan had run one more event, we would have had 3 similar Mustangs in the top 7 cars. Could be all 3 were exceedingly well prepared and driven but I'm not aware of any other cars coming close to that sort of distribution with the possible exception of the C5Z. (Do any of you remember the whining and complaining about raising the SN95 base PI from T1 ,just to find that an SN95 car won overall and GT4 the next year and despite being whacked again could STILL stay in GT4 but with fewer mods for 2013?)

Obviously looking at results only means we are always looking in the rear view mirror but we occasionally try to anticipate that if one car needs to be whacked, then other similar cars do as well. Hence the increase to ALL Mustangs and Camaros for 2013, not as much as the still very competitive SN95 Mustang but at least a move in the right direction.

The final point is that in reality, moving a car a few points rarely makes that much difference unless a car is at very top of a class in which case moving it up is precisely the aim of the CCC. None of the mole whacking done this year forces anyone to move classes.(They might have to add back in a bit of removed wgt etc but nothing drastic to get down to the same class as last year).

And as for those of you who are Obsessive Compulsive about this, 1.5 PIPs is equivalent to about 0.3 to 0.4 seconds per track and I am quite sure that is within your lap to lap delta, at least over the day.
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