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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Originally Posted by Carguy View Post
Instead, I believe (let a CCC member correct me if I'm off base here) the calculations that occur every year involve some sort of regression analysis on the results for the top drivers in each class. If you draw a line through the results by class for each track then the resulting line(s) should have a slope that is almost the same as a line with pax factors by class.
I don't believe that sort of analysis has been used for as long as I have been around. That kind of analysis has been done in the past.

I agree with Ujjwal that it is a relevant FAQ, and that closing perception / reality gaps is going to be a positive outcome for participating members.

For example, two participating members have just have described techniques such as datalogger analysis and regression analysis that they believe are considered relevant for between season car adjustment. In reality, neither technique is used, and "overperformance" is currently defined solely by relative score for a weekend weighed against how much credit the car setup or driver gets.

Keep up the discussion - we need to have this thread deleted so someone that still lives in the region can re-make it
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