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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

Originally Posted by SVT RACING View Post
Thanks Doug, yes I have been waiting on this, at open house they threw me in the data base under late 80,s IROC but i,m only running a 305 and the irocs had 350's did they not? Nice to have this cleared up by next weekend. Would this be feaseable??
Scott Tapley
85 IROCs with M5 trannys had either a regular 305 LG4 or 305 HO, and had 155 HP & 190 HP respectively.

In 86, with the same configuration, it changed to 165 HP & 190 HP respectively. Mine is an 86 Z28 (same numbers as the IROC) so I'm requesting it to be added to the base list.


P.S. - I see that the "Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (1985-1985)" is in there with a Factory Crank HP of 215 which is wrong. See's either 155 or 190.
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