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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by Travis View Post
Someone needs to look into motorsports reg to figure out how to limit registrations to valid class & super class combinations. Currently it's possible to select an invalid combination, such as S-STX instead of ST-STX. It takes 5-10 mins at the start of each event to sort that stuff out.

Someone who wants to be involved in the future should install the demo (or whatever you want to try) on the laptop & configure it to run with our beams & display*. I'm not willing to do that myself. It's a few hundred bucks so some due diligence should be done before making a proposal to buy it.
We have enabled this for the TLMC events. I just looked, and it seems that we only had it enabled for the non-regional TLMC members at the last event. I've modified it for the next events so that non-regional TLMC and non-TLMC members will be forced to choose the correct class. I'll see what needs to be done to get it working for the regional competitors.

So far, I'm not impressed with the support from It's supposed to be easy, but we're having issues.
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