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TEam Challenge Championship Organizer's report

Life is like a Box of Chocolates, or so thought Little Texas as they claimed their Second team win. Captian Brian S. showed the team how to get it done by winning overall in this event. The team member's rallied around this and claimed an impressive 388.426 points.

NVMYAWD had every team envious of their skills, well all teams except Little Texas. NVMYAWD took second place with a score of 386.711. rumour has it suspension parts were swapped between members before this event. After they got second place in event 2 this doesn't seem to have improved their standings.

Brian L., being the captian of HADA CG-lock took command and placed the highest of any of the team members really showing them how it's done. They managed to score 383.042 points. Rumour has it calmer waters have this team looking towards the top of the heap for the next event.

Torag SPDA III scored 381.977 points, With all member's showing up it's great to see them within 7 points of the first place team. maybe they'll push just that tiny bit harder and take the Team win at event 4.

Miataphiles were missing Member Rob H. with them spending their down time out looking for him they scored 289.337 maybe they won't be so distracted next time.

Rogue Squadron must of felt out of place in spot 6. with 3 of 4 members showing up this is their best showing yet. they managed to score 278.678 points maybe next time all 4 of the members will show up.

Bad Drivers were missing a member as well. scoring a total of 274.544 this is good enough for 7th place.

Stockers, after winning event 2, dropped right to the bottom of the stack and placed 8th. I think someone once said "subaru's are so heavy they sink like stones" well they got 195.231 points with only 2 members in attendance. Can anyone say "Throw Away event!"

Current Overall Standings:

Little Texas 1163.252
NVMYAWD 1161.89
HADA CG-Lock 1152.599
Torag SPDA III 1055.824
Stockers 974.521
Miataphiles 956.207
Bad Drivers 909.579
Rogue Squadron 726.215

(Wes if you read this before you read your email ignore the first copy I sent you and post the second copy)
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