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Re: School Question

Typically, allowing your instructor to turn a couple of "demonstration" laps (for the sole purpose of showing a brand new student the course layout / racing line) has been up to the discretion of the student, ie: if you REQUEST your instructor to show you the track, and/or if your instructor OFFERS and you agree. There has never been an expectation that an instructor will drive your car, and besides, not everyone may be comfortable allowing a total "stranger" (qualified racing instructor or not) to drive their car, and that's understandable. In a lot of cases, there may be "instructor lapping" sessions built into the schedule, and that is the students' opportunity to go for a ride-along with their instructor in the instructor's car ...... which, IMO, can be both GOOD and BAD experiences!! (ie: you may see bad habits in practise!)

Can't speak for the exact structure of this year's school, but when the schedule for the day is posted, it may include instructor lapping sessions.

Speaking from experience, an instructor ride-along can be helpful, but is not entirely "necessary" at most tracks (ie: the DDT). However, if you're doing the school at CTMP Grand Prix track (aka: Mosport big track) and it's your first time there, then I would HIGHLY encourage you to allow your instructor to turn 2 or 3 laps before you jump in the driver's seat ....... it's a beast of a track, and I think those first couple laps are vital! (...that's my own personal experience ).

Hope that helps?
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