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2017 Regional Results

I'm going to try something new for results this year.

2017 CASC-OR Autoslalom Results

The quick view of the file will likely open it as a text file in Google docs. If the file opened appears as raw HTML, then download the file and open it with a web browser as a webpage.

The main benefit of this is that it might be possible to get unofficial results up on the internet (not wifi) much faster - perhaps before I even leave the event! Posting multiple files to the CASC website is very clumsy, and editing files that have been posted is extremely slow and frustrating, and as a result I don't post the results until after I've had the time to verify them & clean them up so that I only have to post them once. Often that takes days if not weeks.

Possible issues to resolve:
-docs are not on the official site until ... who knows when. I'm leaning towards one single zip file uploaded at the end of the season.
-at what point do the results become official/finalized? It will still be days before I can clean up the results.
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