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Re: 2017 Regional Results

agree, uploading results to the current site takes way too much time, was substantially easier when we had ftp access. (Updating them is no fun either as all the file names change each time.) It went from maybe a 5-10m job to setup and post results from a new event to 30-1hr with lots of fiddly fields to fill out. (Updates used to be all of 30s, now an easy 15-20m.)

Technically the results are official 30m after they are posted at the end of the day at the event - and don't think it's changed in the rule-book. Although if there were mistakes or issues I'd make the correction and re-upload.

Travis - if it's the best solution we could ftp them to my mostly unused webhost for in-season results (and put link to it on the auto-slalom section), and then only post the finals on the main site at year end - would that make life easier for you? (Dropbox used to have the ability to view html but they removed it a year or so ago, which would have been awesome for this type of thing.)
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