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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

Originally Posted by Duderotomy View Post
Is there any chance of getting a 1998 Subaru Forester added to the list?
Information on all of the Forester model years can be found here:

Sorry to mention it, but please note SoloSprint rule 1.5.1:

All vehicles and equipment shall be acceptable to Scrutineering at all times.
Organisers may refuse a non-classified vehicle if the Organiser believes the
vehicle is unsafe. Organisers may exclude any vehicle based on technical
inspection or Scrutineering. The vehicle shall meet the following basic

.1 A wheelbase of 183 cm (72") or longer; front and rear tracks of 107 cm (42") or wider. The maximum permissible height of competing vehicles is 160 cm (63 inches). Please note that this prohibits most SUVs and pickup trucks from participation in SoloSprint.

The way that this rule has been applied is to the stock height of the vehicle, not the "as used" height.

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