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Want to get more runs at regional events? Volunteer(s) needed

After mulling over how registration went on day 1 & 2 at Picton, I'd say day 2 went better, even considering registration was opened later (the first car was on course at 10:30 day 2, 11:09 on day 1).

The difference? Two extra helpers.

I'd like to continue the trend of getting registrations done quicker in the morning, this will give us more time to do what we came to the event for - drive, and less time standing in line waiting for things to happen.

Ideally we need an additional 2-3 people to help out while registration is open (so the time commitment is for about an hour in the morning - this can count as your marshalling assignment).

What we need you to do:
After the competitor has signed the waiver, and paid the host club the entry fee they are directed to you. If the competitor is series registered/in the system, check off name on a provided list (make corrections if necessary), and direct them to V#2 to sign their form. If the competitor is not series/in the system, pass them along to V#3.

Competitor will be passed from V#1, find their entry form, have them complete the section for the day's event, and refile the form. Registration is complete.

Competitor will be passed from V#1, help out new competitors with the completion of the series registration form and the classing of their vehicle. Assign numbers to competitors (Event 3 starts in the 300's, E4 in the 400's, etc) after each registration, transcribe registration info onto a list (that will be used to enter the new info into the timing pc - while registration is ongoing).

Send me a pm/email if you would like to help.
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