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Re: Unofficial Stats

Cool, thanks. Fixed in the running copy.

I started looking at other data that could be compiled over the season and/or compared with field averages. Here's the TT 3h, for example, ranked by variance against the field's average speed.

As a yardstick for the curious, I added a Sprint frontrunner's total weekend laps and averaged that car's figures for cars outpaced. (The "+/-" figure is a cumulative total of positions gained by the car over the weekend. +/- is not so much of a ranking score, but more of a sideline figure just as it is in stick+ball games.)

Note: as a ranking figure, the season total of cars out-raced is problematic in cases like those of Bois/Caruso's Ariel, which was classified low in the published finishing order thanks to 21 'breakout' laps uncounted by T&S. In reality, the car outpaced the field average by over 22kph (figures pictured below are skewed by hypothetical GT Sprints comparison data), 5th best in the actual field and just one lap down.

Apologies for the image quality, but the forum server's got a 600px max width. Can get around that with some extra effort, FWIW.

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