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Re: Road to Time Attack!

I never did get to meet you in person but I watched from the side lines as you progress both with the car and your driving. I've never seen anyone nearly as passionate about the sport as you have been.

I my self am new to the time attack sport and I can clearly see the differences between a novice with some side driving instruction and one that is still grinding the rust off from a previous racing discipline.

Im comparison my car quite literally came out of a garage where it sat for 6+ years, had some new fluids put in, a cheap set of tires ( only to find out they weren't a good choice at all) and dropped onto the race track. Where I had to learn both the tracks I visited and the car I had literally 0 seat time in. Despite having a less than competitive level car I learned a pile of things from various folks ( and your videos) and had some of the best times of my life with a low budget car which didn't draw much attention ( or so I thought...)

Loved the videos, Looking forward to next season
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