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Re: Road to Time Attack!

Originally Posted by Silex326 View Post
I never did get to meet you in person but I watched from the side lines as you progress both with the car and your driving. I've never seen anyone nearly as passionate about the sport as you have been.

I my self am new to the time attack sport and I can clearly see the differences between a novice with some side driving instruction and one that is still grinding the rust off from a previous racing discipline.

Im comparison my car quite literally came out of a garage where it sat for 6+ years, had some new fluids put in, a cheap set of tires ( only to find out they weren't a good choice at all) and dropped onto the race track. Where I had to learn both the tracks I visited and the car I had literally 0 seat time in. Despite having a less than competitive level car I learned a pile of things from various folks ( and your videos) and had some of the best times of my life with a low budget car which didn't draw much attention ( or so I thought...)

Loved the videos, Looking forward to next season
Thanks for the comments Silex! Which car were you? Keep in mind, Thomas Holland (the silver 325i) made these videos. I helped with some physical help (camera or bolting on a damn exhaust) but these videos are not mine. I am helping him promote both OTA and his YouTube channel. I'm the yellow S2000, his nemesis.

Instruction is always helpful especially if the instructor is capable of adapting to the students rate of improvement. I'm involved in instructing myself and have been thrown a few situations where the students have varied from barely-able-to-drive/focus to he's-quick-now-what types and I found that in teaching, it helps me to become better as well.
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