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Re: I thought you were dead!

Originally Posted by Gidieup View Post
Back in June I found the CASC on line and decided to join. I have always been interested in all motorsports and my daughter is heavily involved with the Trillium racing organization at Mosport, helping drivers become more proficient on the track &, as a result, on our roads.
After I applied I waited for a reply but didn't get one, I emailed several times still with no reply. Finally after several weeks I gave up, assuming the organization had folded. It is now November 23 and I finally received notice that my membership has been accepted.
What gives? new ownership? new organization? a need for more members?
Welcome to the forum!

Due to the amount of spam that the forum receives, each membership must be looked at and approved manually. That job had fallen by the wayside a few months back as CASC is a volunteer run organization. However, there are now 3 of us in the role of approving members and we're playing catch up to ensure that we don't get this far behind again.
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