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Essence of CASC Promotional Videos

To "CASC Competitors, Officials, Volunteers, Affiliated Clubs and Associates"

In an effort to bolster support and increase awareness of our motorsports community, we will be producing a set of 5 "Essence of CASC" professional motorsports videos. These shorts 3-4 minute action packed videos are being designed to increase grassroots motorsports awareness, entice viewers to come to our events, to encourage club membership participation, and build our sagging competitor and volunteer numbers.

These videos will encompass every aspect of grassroots motorsports we currently sanction. They will include the racers, the volunteers, the officials, the administration, rules and regulations of competition, but most of all, it would portray the people who make this organization what it is. Major portions of the video would include on-track activities of every discipline from Road Racing, Auto Slalom, Time Attack and Ice Racing. It would feature the groups such as the F1200, F1600, Vintage, GT Sprints & GT Challenge, G70, Libre, and Radicals, to build our brand that "We are the Place to Race".

Phanta Media has been selected to produce each 3-4 minute video "program" that will be edited by division to make Webisodes, YouTube videos, and advertising segments. We are having a CASC-OR Youtube channel created that will "air" our videos as well as host division competitors build a library of content, that would make us known not only in the Ontario market, but on the world stage as well.

The first of the videos will begin production during the BEMC event Sept 13th for some race classes, officials and volunteers videography. The next segment will be done during the Celebration weekend Sept 27 & 28th where Race action sequences and behind the scenes videography will be shot on the Saturday and the Time Attack and Auto Slalom portions will be completed on the Sunday. The logistics are being worked out now as to not interfere with anyone’s race schedules and competition. We do ask however that you afford the team from Phanta as much access to your racecars, marshaling towers, pit locations and control tower areas, as they need.

Phanta brings a wealth of motorsports videography talent with them and we know what will project the professional image we want to portray, so please, we ask you work with them as they are working with us to put the best show on we can.

Please contact me directly with your comments and/or concerns.
Perry Iannuzzi
Past President
Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs -Ontario Region
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